The Exile road

Stuck in the Middle East during a time of incredible uncertainty, we follow a young refugee who has just lost his family, his home, and nearly his life. 

This story is about how to find Truth and hold onto it, when everything around you threatens your very existence. It is a story of honour, hope, courage and strength. 

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Casting is still underway, so if you have an interest in reading, please submit on any of these contact forms to be redirected to our Casting Director, Gabriela. 

Zataar: 50-80

A kind, wise leader. Quietly strong, firm foundation in who he is and what he believes. 

(Ref: Richard Harris, Shaun Toub, )

Azar & Mischa: 20-35

Two refugees, strong, kind, loyal.

Shear & Banapol (28-40)

Two mercenaries out for the biggest contract, and the next kill. Ruthless, but they entertain each other. Low in conscientiousness. 

Inarra: 18-35 

Outwardly beautiful, inwardly relentless. A high level escort, appears innocent but is an operator who knows how to manipulate those around her for what she wants. 

We are also casting heavily featured extras.

If you have an interest in lavish costumes and beautiful scenery, send us a message. 

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The Exile Road
has obtained SAG/AFTRA Clearance for our shooting dates. 

While Casting, We are also looking for:

-2 Production Designers

-Costume Assistant

-Production Assistants

- VFX Specialist/ Consultant