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At a Glance

Height: 6'   |   Eye Color: Amber   |   Hair Color: Light Brown / Dark Blonde

Acting Shakespeare, Strindberg, or Wilde for a live audience, certainly makes contemporary material much easier ground to cover, and provides a skill set like no other. My training has helped me to take highly poetic material,
and make it real, accessible, and truthful.

Character / Production


Leonard Vole                       |  Witness for the Prosecution  

dir: Ani Marderosian 

Young Ebenezer Scrooge   |   A Christmas Carol 

dir: Zoe Bright, Tayah Howard

Lord Illingworth (Lead)    |   A Woman of No Importance   

dir: Ian Ogilvy               

Henry V  (Lead)               |   William Shakespeare             

dir: Timothy Landfield    

William Gillette (Lead)    |   The Game's Afoot                 

dir: Perry Hart                

Walter (Lead)                  |   Months on End                     

 dir: Brenda Beck            

Bill Fordham                   |   August: Osage County          

dir: Brenda Beck              


Character               |    Production                       |  Director


Hubert Jager      |   FLY WEST                   |  dir: Scott Reiniger

Don Juan Diego |   El Caballero               |  dir: Terra Budreviciute

Edward               |   A Story to Begin ...    |  dir: Scott Reiniger

Eli                       |   Luiseño                      |   dir: Tanner Morrison

Ryan                   |   Connecting                |   dir: Thomas Horton 

Rafe                    |   Princeton Review       |   dir: Leanna Spear


Character                  |    Production                         |  Director

Jeff                       |   Sex Sent Me to the ER |  dir: Mitch Marcus

Sean                     |   BRAUN (Commercial)   |  dir: Nick Costello

Gaard Galen         |   The Outer Rim             |  dir: Maurisun Hesse

Training & Workshops

Intensive   |   Stunt Safety and Performance |   Will Leong (The Matrix Trilogy)

Intensive   |   Single Sword Certification   |   Tim Weske (Master & Commander)


Intensive   |   Audition Technique & Scene Study   |   Margie Haber

Intensive   |   Acting Technique & Scene Study   |   Patrick Day    


 Intensive   |   Improve Technique/Scene Work   |  Mark McCracken

Comprehensive   |   Elocution & IPA |   Alexandra Wright         

 Comprehensive   |   Accents & Dialects  |   Dr. Linda Brennan    

Comprehensive   |   Stage Combat   |   Sword Master Leclerc   

Special Skills

Fencing - I began the  study of Fencing when I was five years old with a variety of swords, picked up from around the world: broadswords from England, rapiers from France, scimitars from India, even a Bedouin short sword, with which I am proficient.

Horsemanship - I ride both Western & English Equestrian Styles.


DialectsCapable of performing almost any accent or dialect if given time to prepare. Comprehensive knowledge of scansion and text analysis. 

Dance - Trained for two years studying dance throughout history with Mark Knowles, handling complex choreography whilst showcasing fully articulated character, relationship, and environment work. Performed the Medieval Pavane, Galliard, Lancer's Quadrille, Minuet, 18th and 19th Century Movement and Classical Flirtations, Ballet, Barre, Jazz, as well as the Charleston, and many others.


Composition - I compose and improvise for piano and interned with Hans Zimmer at Remote Control Productions to better understand the emotional subtext of a character's journey and place within a narrative.

Leadership - My music has been featured on stage at Stratford Circus, in London, at the Emirates Stadium, in films produced for the MET Film School in London, and as the main title sequence used in Oxford's Speaker Profile Series during my appointment as Media Officer at the Oxford Union from Michaelmas, 2011 to Hilary Term, 2012.

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