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Agatha Christie's


Leonard Vole is a young veteran who has just returned from the aftermath of WWII.

    Charged with the murder of a wealthy socialite, his life is, once again, on the line. 


Facing a compendium of evidence stacked against him, as well as a blistering        

Prosecution, Leonard's case rests on the testimony of one final witness  -  his wife.

Backstage BTS: Meet the cast

Charles Dickens'

A Christmas Carol

Featured in the Los Angeles Times, I portrayed Ebenezer Scrooge as a young man in the longest running production of A Christmas Carol in the United States. Directed by Zoe Bright (Les Miserables, Original West End Cast) and Tayah Howard (East 15) -- we performed on stage in the round to thousands of enthusiastic audience members who positively reviewed this original musical adaptation of Dickens' classic tale.    

LA Times Review Cover
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